GIP - Tbilisi aims to work at 3 levels of society to achieve maximal effect:

Micro Level

In order to find innovative, locally appropriate and acceptable approaches to mental health care in Caucasus and Central Asia region, new, innovative projects and activities are sought and supported. Because of its experimental and piloting character, a proper monitoring and evaluation of results is strongly present.


Meso Level

Here the strategy is to challenge the old soviet model of psychiatry and press for more appropriate, human rights-based mental health care approach by provision of modern literature, training, exchange visits, workshops and conferences to the main actors in mental health care. Also, development of clinical guidelines, university programs, etc.

Meso Level

The main strategy is to influence the governments to adapt or change current laws on psychiatry conform to universal human rights and to modern standards on mental health and to push government to apply the laws and by-laws into practice; to support development of relevant MH policies and plans; to created the monitoring mechanism and supervising independent bodies for ensuring human rights protection of people with mental ill health.

To achieve the goal GIP-Tbilisi

  • Provides and shares with information on latest achievements, trends and directions in mental health sphere throughout the targeted regions
  • Conducts studies in order to envision and plan the corresponding evidence-based approaches and interventions in different fields of mental health care
  • Functions as an organizational and facilitation center for training programs
  • Promotes local pioneering initiatives and best practices via consultations, expertise and advices
  • Facilitates establishment and functioning of local mental health networks and coalitions.